Live Oak Studio

State-of-the-art Equipment

We use the Avid Pro Tool System for our high-resolution digital recording. We combine professional acoustics, state-of-the-art equipment and professional engineers to ensure that every recording session results in the best possible finished product.

Full Range of Genres

Music, Podcasts and Audiobooks

Our clients are well-known recording artists who span musical genre. This Girl is On Fire’s Alicia Keys, Will Smith and Beyonce of Destiny’s Child have all recorded right here in our Berkeley recording studio. But we are also recording a growing number of spoken word products, including podcasts and audiobooks. Audiobooks are great tools for those who spend a lot of time driving or commuting. Live Oak Studio’s recording engineers are also skilled editors, assuring that every audiobook is of the highest quality possible

Optimal Sound Quality

Specially Engineered for Optimal Sound Quality

Our Bay Area Recording Studio consists of a control room and an isolation booth, where high-volume instruments, such as drums, can be played. These recording rooms are carefully constructed to promote optimal sound quality. They also help performers see and hear each other while they record; we want our clients to feel as comfortable in our Bay Area Recording Studio as they would in their own homes or rehearsal spaces.