With the advent of the web, the podcast was born. It’s a natural next step, enabling you to create your own radio show.  Used by entrepreneurs and institutions, podcasts are available to listeners anywhere in the world, on-demand 24/7, for free!  It’s a wonderful way to connect with your clients, to feature someone who you feel deserves attention, or to become the expert in your field. It’s also great for providing training within an organization, whatever the location.

Dr. Ivan Misner is the Founder and Chairman of BNI, the world’s largest business networking and referral organization. In 2007, Dr. Misner realized that podcasting would make it possible to share his thoughts directly with BNI members all over the world. Soon after, he connected with Priscilla Rice, who hosts The Official BNI Podcast.

Here is a selection from Priscilla’s Podcast:

Photo for woman in recording booth

Priscilla Rice, owner of Live Oak Studio (and Priscilla’s Podcast), helps people who are new to podcasting.

Photo of podcasters

Dr. Ivan Misner and Priscilla Rice — at BNI’s International Convention.