Console & Recorders

Otari Concept “Elite” 128 input Large Format Console with “Total Recall”

Avid ( Formerly Digidesign ) Pro Tools HD3 Accel System with ( 2 ) 192’s and SYNC I/O
Running on a Mac Pro 2 x 2.26 GHz Quad-Core Xeon w/ 8 gigs Ram
Otari MTR90 II 2 inch 24 Track Analog Tape Machine
Alesis ADATXT ( 4 ), Panasonic SV3700 & SV3800 Dat Machines

Outboard Processing & Effects

Great River ME-NV Preamps ( 2 ), Teletronix LA-2A, Urie 1176 LN, Urie LA3A ( 2 )
Spectra Sonics 610, Drawmer 1960 Tube Preamps & Compressor
Lexicon 224XL, Prime Time II Delay, PCM 42, Eventide H3000, Many More …


JBL 4430 Bi Radial Main Monitors
Yamaha NS-10M Monitors & Dynaudio BM6 Monitors with Bryston 3B & 4B Amplification
Hearback Headphone System with 4 Remote Stations ( For Personal Headphone Mixes )
Various Headphones by AKG, Fostex, Audio Technica Etc.

Software & Plug Ins

Pro Tools HD 9100’s of plug ins including:
Waves Mercury + SSL Bundle, Antares AutoTune, Celemony Melodyne
McDSP Filterbank & MC2000, Massey L2007 Limiter & Tapehead,
Soundtoys Native Effects bundle & Pitchblender
Massenberg Designworks EQ, Sonnox Oxford EQ w/ GML option, Echo Farm, TL Space,
Synchro Arts Vocalign
Many More….


Neumann U87 ( Original ), AKG “The Tube”, 414’s ( 2 )
Various microphones by Shure, Sennheiser, EV including but not limited to 57’s, 421’s, RE20, D6, etc.
Countryman Associates DI Boxes ( 6 )