Mixing is an art, and a discerning ear and technical chops are critical. Our studio sound is very accurate and what you hear in the control room transfers to other listening spaces and speaker systems. Our ProTools HD system is top of the line, and we have a huge collection of plug-ins to achieve whatever effects you desire.

Photo of recording studio mixing board

I’ve been recording in studios since 1976 and Live Oak is one of my all-time favorites for several reasons. We just finished tracking 13 songs there and the room, microphones and pre-amps are all top notch. James Ward is an amazing engineer, and he easily handled the musicians and instruments I threw at him — horns, strings, tabla, pedal steel, and even a choir! As a producer, I’ve come to rely heavily on his ideas and suggestions. The place is a bargain to boot. They have excellent rates, and James can do anything in ProTools faster than I can think it. It is such a good studio that I’ve chosen to mix there as well — a first in my 30-year career.

— Alan F.