3 Reasons You Should Create a Podcast

Talk to anyone, and chances are that the conversation will drift to what podcasts they’re listening to. According to Edison Research, roughly 24% of people listen to podcasts each month, and up to 40% have ever listened to one. The growing popularity of podcasts is just one reason why you should create a podcast of your own, but there are many other reasons as well.

You can produce long-form content

Blog posts, tweets, news articles, and Facebook posts are just among the several ways that you can reach out to an audience. While all of these forms of content are vital for marketing purposes, you are limited to only a few hundred words. If you want to provide more substantial, long-form content, then podcasts are the way to go. Podcasts let you go deeper into a given subject, providing listeners with more information than a tweet every could. Plus, a podcast can be listened to at any time and from any place where there’s an internet connection, making it a very accessible source of long-form content.

You’ll be considered an authority on a subject

Hosting a podcast is similar to hosting a blog or writing a book—if you discuss a topic long enough and in-depth enough, you’ll be seen as an authority on that topic. And, as you establish your authority, you’ll become more widely recognized within (and maybe even outside of) your industry. By developing your reputation as an expert, people will be coming to you for business and advice rather than the other way around.

You can build a personal connection with your audience

The spoken language has always been seen as more personal and casual than the written language. As such, a podcast can help you develop a more personal connection, even if the discussion is one-sided. Your character and personality will shine through more than it could through a tweet, and this will make people more loyal and trusting of your brand.

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