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Should an Author Narrate Their Own Audiobook?

Woman Recording Audiobook

When an author completes a book and is considering creating an audiobook, one question will often be raised. Should I narrate this myself? While it certainly depends on the voice and personality of the author, having the author narrate the audiobook themselves has its certain advantages that include them knowing their characters, cultures or own… Read more »

5 Essential Tips for Recording an Audiobook

5 Essential Tips for Recording an Audiobook

In the 21st century, writing your book is just half the battle. You also have to record it. Audiobooks have revolutionized literature, and more readers than ever before are listening to books rather than reading them. To reach this crucial demographic, you need to produce a high-quality, professional audiobook. Here’s how to get started: Find… Read more »

The Top 3 Reasons to Use a Professional Studio for Audiobooks

With the rise of smartphones and apps like Audible, audiobooks have become an increasingly popular form of media. In the past year, roughly half of all Americans were listening to audiobooks. In that respect, many authors and publishers are realizing the benefits of recording their newly published books. While some believe that they can record… Read more »