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Why You Should Record Your Audio Work in a Professional Studio

A recording studio

Being a new or young artist or author can be an exciting time in your life. Whether you’re working solo or are with a group, putting out music or an audiobook there are few better feelings than putting your first-ever single, album, or audiobook. But it can also be a nerve-wracking time – you want… Read more »

Tassajara Under Fire: Colleen Morton Busch audiobook

When the Tassajara Zen Monastery in Central California was threatened by wildfire in 2008, firefighters decided to evacuate. Five brave monks, however, decided to stay behind and do what they could to protect the monastery. Writer, longtime resident of California, and former Zen monk herself, Colleen Morton Busch, brings the story to life in the… Read more »

Dive Into Funk with Aced Out Podcast

For full-time funkateers Ace Alan and Jay Stone, keeping the spirit of funk music alive is a calling of the highest order. They are priests of an “electric church”, as Stone calls it. Together, they make music in Stone’s group The Funkanauts, whose newest album, Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, is coming out soon. They… Read more »

Swing Into the Past with the Burl Haggard String Band

Even in the epicenter of the Bay Area tech boom, the Burl Haggard String Band keeps the traditions of the western swing music of the 1920s and 30s alive and well. Founded initially by musicians Lucas French and Adam Simo, the band’s lineup also includes Kristina Miller, Marquitas Ignatius, and Mike Berry on the pedal… Read more »

Singer Le Perez Steps Into the Spotlight At Last

Before winning Jazz Search West 2017, Le Perez had never set foot in a recording studio. A therapist by profession, Perez majored in social work and spent her career working in psych wards, jails, and chemical dependency units—all while maintaining a deeply ingrained love of music and lifetime membership to the “sing in your shower… Read more »

Alta Podcast stays close its roots

Live Oak Studio is so excited to share that Alta Magazine, the newly launched brainchild of William Randolph Hearst III, has just added a podcast to its already impressive roster of content, and it is being recorded right here. The magazine is Hearst’s California-centric answer to The New Yorker, and the podcast is no exception… Read more »

Rita Moreno is Back!

We have had the pleasure of working with Rita Moreno again this month. She is one of only 12 EGOT winners (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony) in entertainment history. We have been recording her part on a Sprout original cartoon series called, “Nina’s World”. She is the Spanish Grandmother known as Nina’s Abuelita Yolie. In… Read more »

5 Tips for Maximizing Your Recording Studio Time

At Live Oak Studio, a premier Bay Area recording studio in Berkeley, we have a minimum four-hour booking time, so we want our clients get the most out of their sessions. Our chief engineer, James Ward, has a few guidelines. 1. Be on time. The clock starts ticking at your scheduled time—not the time you… Read more »

Recording at Live Oak Studio

Live Oak is a full-service recording and mixing facility serving the music, film, spoken word and game community. There is no substitute for professional acoustics, top of the line equipment — and years of experience! Our lead engineer James Ward receives accolades from the many recording artists who have benefitted from his expertise. Studio design:… Read more »

Renee Asteria’s new release “Razteria”

One of our favorite artists, Renee Asteria, has a new release called,”Razteria”, which is really some fun and exciting music : “RAZTERIA – Renee Asteria’s 3rd release: “Latin roots, reggae riddims, activist intent and strong female vocals coalesce on Renee Asteria’s rockin’ new release RazteRia (Asteria Records). ” The result is soulful, rock-solid and recommended.”… Read more »