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Why You Should Record Your Audio Work in a Professional Studio

A recording studio

Being a new or young artist or author can be an exciting time in your life. Whether you’re working solo or are with a group, putting out music or an audiobook there are few better feelings than putting your first-ever single, album, or audiobook. But it can also be a nerve-wracking time – you want… Read more »

Dive Into Funk with Aced Out Podcast

For full-time funkateers Ace Alan and Jay Stone, keeping the spirit of funk music alive is a calling of the highest order. They are priests of an “electric church”, as Stone calls it. Together, they make music in Stone’s group The Funkanauts, whose newest album, Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, is coming out soon. They… Read more »

5 Tips for Maximizing Your Recording Studio Time

At Live Oak Studio, a premier Bay Area recording studio in Berkeley, we have a minimum four-hour booking time, so we want our clients get the most out of their sessions. Our chief engineer, James Ward, has a few guidelines. 1. Be on time. The clock starts ticking at your scheduled time—not the time you… Read more »