Rita Moreno is Back!

We have had the pleasure of working with Rita Moreno again this month. She is one of only 12 EGOT winners (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony) in entertainment history. We have been recording her part on a Sprout original cartoon series called, “Nina’s World”. She is the Spanish Grandmother known as Nina’s Abuelita Yolie. In an interview on Channel 4 News, Rita described the series in these words:

“The series is very invested in diversity, even to the point of casting actors who correspond to their characters in real life. “Every actor who plays a nationality is of that nationality. There’s a little deaf boy – for real – who plays a deaf boy,” Moreno explains, adding that there are no crazy special effects employed on the series and “people don’t talk in funny little voices. It’s just this wonderful neighborhood where there is a little child and her abuelita (which means little grandmother) and a mommy and a daddy who own a bakery, and it’s about the very tiny adventures her grandmother takes her on.”

We have been very blessed to work with Rita Moreno. She is absolutely amazing!